Monday, December 6, 2010

Kawaii Monday: Tofu Charms

This weeks Kawaii Monday features tofu charms! Haha I know what you're thinking. How could tofu possibly be cute? Well not only is it delicious (yes I happen to like tofu!) it also happens to make a very cute phone charm! Check it out:

CUTE TOFU!!! And in a variety of colors no less. I would totally buy one for my cell phone except that I don't actually have a cell phone. (I know an 18 year old without a cell phone. Its a true travesty) I would also have the hardest time picking just one. If it really came down to it I think I would pick the white one with the yellow flower. I just love its little rosy cheeks! You can buy these at the wonderful Kawaii Shop Japan. Warning: If you start browsing their shop you will be sucked in by the major cuteness and it will take great restraint not to break the bank buying everything you see! Anyway I have to say that I am impressed that someone was able to make tofu cute. I mean real tofu isn't exactly "awww" worthy. In any way whatsoever. Its just tan. And square. So the fact that someone could turn that into the adorableness you see up there??? They have got some serious skillz! Haha.

Julia :)


  1. Awwwww. That is the cutest thing EVER!!! :)

  2. ADORABLE. Holy cow, I seriously want to eat them up, except I won't try to because I'll only end up choking and nobody wants that. Well, MAYBE somebody does, but we're just going to ignore that possibility for now. :D
    Anyway, I like the green one the most, and thanks for posting the link to the website! I might have to snag one as a stocking stuffer gift for myself.

  3. That tofu is actually QUITE cute! :)

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