Monday, December 27, 2010

Kawaii Monday: Cupcake Key Covers

This weeks Kawaii Monday features Cupcake Key Covers! I love cupcakes and I love key covers (I have owl ones on my keys right now!) so putting them together is totally a winning combination. Check them out!

Not your average cupcakes ehhh? I especially like the pirate cupcake and Sir Cupcake. His mustache is too funny. These cupcake key covers make me wish I had more keys just so I could rationalize buying a pack. Hehe.

If you're interested you can buy them online here. I've also seen for sale at Tillys.

Julia :)


  1. Those are cute! I really like the pink one!

  2. These are sooo cute!! I was in Borders today and saw some and really wanted them! But I don't have any keys so it would've defeated the purpose ^^

  3. Hey
    I'm a girl from Denmark and I've searched throug the entire Internet to find a site where I can buy these cup cake key holders and where they send to Denmark. Maybe my luck is with me at Tillys. But is it a shop or do you have a website?

    - Malou

  4. Tillys is a store and unfortunately I don't think the cupcake key covers are on their website. You could check though! I know you can find the keycovers on Amazon. Do those not ship to Denmark? I hope you can find some! :)

  5. Omg i have those im wearing the pink one right now i got them at hastings


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