Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm Taking the Contemps Challenge!

Take The Contemps Challenge!

I have decided to participate in the Contemps Challenge!

Do you love to read contemporary fiction? Accept the Contemps Challenge and promise to read at least 18 of the 21 upcoming Contemps books between now and August 15, 2011. One lucky challenger will win the grand prize: ALL 21 of our books! That's like a whole bookshelf of books!

Want to join in too? Click here.

Here's the list of books I've chosen to read!
  1. Losing Faith by Denise Jaden
  2. Girl, Stolen by April Henry
  3. Freefall by Mindi Scott
  4. The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney
  5. Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler
  6. Fall For Anything by Courtney Summers
  7. Trapped by Michael Northrop
  8. Rival by Sara Bennett Wealer
  9. Like Mandarin by Kirsten Hubbard
  10. Family by Micol Ostow
  11. Back When You Were Easier to Love by Emily Wing Smith
  12. Pearl by Jo Knowles
  13. Saving June by Hannah Harrington
  14. Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott
  15. The Day Before by Lisa Schroeder
  16. Small-Town Sinners by Melissa Walker
  17. Sharks and Boys by Kristen Tracy
  18. Want to Go Private? by Sarah Darer Littman
  19. Sean Griswold's Head by Lindsey Leavitt
Some of these look really good! I can hardly wait to get started!

Julia :)


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you joined up too :-) We'll have to discuss these books as we read them...

  2. Hi Julia -- thanks so much for including Fixing Delilah in your Contemps challenge reads! I hope you enjoy the story!

    -Sarah Ockler


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