Monday, November 15, 2010

Kawaii Monday: Sock Dolls

This weeks Kawaii Monday feature is about Sock Dolls! Sock dolls are just what they sound like. Dolls made out of socks. There are two very awesome books that detail how you can make your very own adorable sock dolls.

Both books are full of lots of pictures of the cute softies and then easy to follow step by step instructions for how to make several of the dolls that are featured in the book. They really are quite simple to make! I've made tons of little pigs and a zebra. My favorites in the books are the dinosaurs and the little frogs, but each animal is super kawaii.

If you're crafty and love cute stuffed animals then you should definitely check out these books! And the best place for finding cheap and cute socks is Ross! Target also sometimes has seasonal socks (Christmas, Valentines day, Halloween) that they sell in their dollar section. Those are the places I've gotten most of my socks from.

Julia :)

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